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Architectural Photography Rates



Less than 1,000 sq ft, $250, min 25 images, estimated shoot time one hour.

1000-1999 sq ft, $350, min 35 images, estimated shoot time 1-2 hours.

2000-2999 sq ft, $450, min 45 images, estimated shoot time 2-3 hours.

3000-3999 sq ft, $550, min 55 images, estimated shoot time 3-4 hours.

4000-4999 sq ft, $650, min 65 images, estimated shoot time 4-5 hours.

5000+ sq ft, Starting at $750, contact us for an estimate. 

Add-on Twilight Shoots available at additional charge, please contact for an estimate.


Please contact us for a commercial architectural photography rate estimate.    



Standard Videoshoot (properties under 2,000 square feet) $350

Extended Videoshoot (properties over 2,000 square feet) $585

Estate videoshoot (properties over 4,000 square feet) $785


Please contact us for a commercial architectural video rate estimate.    

Aerial (Drone)

Photography $225, min 20 images

Videography  $385, 1-2 min video

Combination packages available, contact for rate estimate.

Cost-Sharing Partnership

Many hands go into the work of designing, building and furnishing a new home. We offer a cost-sharing incentive for businesses to save on photography by sharing the cost with other businesses that worked on the same project.

How it works

A 35% surcharge is added for each additional party/business wanting to use the images for commercial use (aka promote their product or service). The total cost is then divided by the number or parties/businesses sharing the cost.


Janet the architect hires Swift Studio for a photo shoot of a new home she designed. Her project estimate is $500. Janet asks the builder, the interior designer and the landscape architect if they want to also purchase photos to use for promoting their businesses. They all say yes. A 35% surcharge ($175) is added for each of the three additional businesses (and additional $525). The new total is $1,025, but after dividing that total between the four businesses, the amount paid by each business is only $256.25. Swift Studio gets paid more for providing rights of use to multiple businesses and each businesses spends less by partnering together to save.

We are happy to provide customized packages based on your needs. For more information and detailed package descriptions, please contact us at

20% off photography rate when booked with another service

Same day cancellation $125

Mileage outside of Bellingham $.50/mile

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